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Detroit Lions Valentine's Day cards

Show your affection for your loved ones with one of our lovely Detroit Lions-themed Valentine's Day cards.

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You may think Valentine's Day is a holiday that has nothing to do with football. But what better way to celebrate your kinship than to express your love through your collective passion: the Detroit Lions? (If your significant other does not share your love for the Lions, then I have some divorce percentages to show you. It's not you, it's them.)

A quick Google search of Detroit Lions Valentine's Day cards comes up with just some poor football puns with a Lions logo slapped to it. That sort of laziness is not the spirit of this passionate holiday. But don't you fret; I'm here to inject your Valentine's Day with some warm, sensual Honolulu Blue blood. Here are six different Lions Valentine's Day cards to share with your loved one this year:

ihedigbo card

Okay, maybe you aren't into the elementary-level puns. Maybe you want to show your lover how devoted you are to them:

dan-o fixed

Don't have a significant other yet? Don't worry, give this card to your biggest crush and she'll be yours forever:

Dan-o Card

Maybe you're having some trouble building trust in your relationship. This card will help put your lover at ease:

golden card

Valentine's Day can be cruel for some people. But you can get ahead of the game by letting your significant other know that you have priorities in life:

suh card

...but, overall, the best route is to just tell them how you feel:


(Thanks to Avery Design & Print Online for the Valentine's Day card templates.)

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