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Lions notes: Laken Tomlinson, Melvin Gordon, more

Lions notes looks at Duke offensive guard Laken Tomlinson, Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon and much more.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
  • Duke offensive guard Laken Tomlinson sounds like he would be an excellent addition to the Detroit Lions. Tomlinson met with the Lions at the NFL Combine, and I'm sure they will take a closer look at him in the coming weeks.

  • Remember how Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon took a picture wearing a Lions hat back in December? We probably shouldn't read anything into that.
  • At the NFL Combine, Martin Mayhew had a chance to pitch his idea for how the Pro Bowl selection process should be changed for linebackers, and he also proposed his idea for allowing coaches to challenge penalties whenever an official throws a flag. It doesn't sound like the latter proposal has a ton of traction at this point, though.
  • This about sums it up for the Lions:
  • Let's hope Mayhew's expectations turn out to be correct:
  • Mayhew has no plans to alter his best player available strategy in the NFL Draft.
  • The Chicago Bears' transition to a 3-4 defense should be pretty interesting to watch.

  • Speaking of 3-4 defenses, Jim Caldwell had very little to say when asked about the possibility of the Lions switching to a 3-4 if they lose Ndamukong Suh. I guess it's worth noting that he didn't rule out that possibility, but he didn't exactly sound all that excited about the idea, either.

  • Caldwell was surprised that Teryl Austin didn't land a head coaching job this year, and he thinks that Austin will indeed get one "within the next couple years."

  • Caldwell landed 19th in Rotoworld's head coach rankings. Since Rotoworld divided the rankings into two sections -- one for returning head coaches and one for new hires -- that's 19th out of 25.

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