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More NFL Combine meetings involving the Lions

A second look at some of the players who met with the Detroit Lions at the 2015 NFL Combine.

Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Last week, shortly after the NFL Combine began, we put together a list of players who met with the Detroit Lions in Indianapolis. In the days that followed, many more meetings involving the Lions and players at the NFL Combine were reported, and you can check out an updated list below.



Special teams

As usual, this list is not meant to be a complete overview of all the meetings the Lions had at the combine. The reality is they likely had countless other meetings that simply went unreported, especially at positions like linebacker, cornerback and safety. Since players at those positions didn't arrive until later in the week, meetings the Lions had with them simply didn't become public knowledge.

In any case, which players from the above list do you think the Lions should take a closer look at in the coming weeks?

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