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Lions approval poll: Martin Mayhew (February 2015)

Do you approve of the job Martin Mayhew is doing as general manager of the Detroit Lions? Vote now.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Since we're still in the early stages of the offseason, there haven't exactly been a ton of notable developments since our last Martin Mayhew approval poll. Even so, with free agency less than two weeks away, now is a good time to stop and vote on Mayhew for the month of February.

As a reminder, here are Mayhew's past approval ratings:

January 2015: 78% approval
December 2014: 79% approval
November 2014: 78% approval
October 2014: 84% approval
September 2014: 76% approval
August 2014: 58% approval
July 2014:
69% approval
June 2014: 78% approval
May 2014: 77% approval
April 2014:
74% approval
March 2014: 80% approval
January 2014: 74% approval
December 2013: 87% approval
November 2013: 82% approval
October 2013:
87% approval
September 2013: 70% approval
June 2013: 73% approval

Mayhew's rating has really stabilized since last September. It did jump up quite a bit in October, but generally speaking, it's been somewhere in the 76-79 range in recent months.

What will Mayhew's approval rating be this month? To find out, vote in the poll below.

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