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Ranking all 32 NFL teams by cap space

Where do the Detroit Lions stack up in terms of how much cap space they have? Let's take a look at a league-wide ranking.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL salary cap set at $143.28 million for 2015, we now know how much cap space each team currently has. Via the NFLPA, here's a ranking of the NFL's 32 teams based on available cap space:

(Note: It appears these numbers are counting every single contract instead of only the top 51 contracts, so most teams will have slightly more cap space than what is listed below when the league year begins on March 10.)

Ranking Team Cap space
1 Jacksonville Jaguars $64,486,130
2 Oakland Raiders $53,997,667
3 Cleveland Browns $51,511,935
4 New York Jets $48,948,021
5 Tennessee Titans $43,274,480
6 Indianapolis Colts $40,073,709
7 Cincinnati Bengals $38,587,842
8 Green Bay Packers $32,192,892
9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers $31,604,218
10 Atlanta Falcons $29,696,032
11 Chicago Bears $27,341,038
12 Buffalo Bills $27,087,520
13 Philadelphia Eagles $24,164,722
14 San Diego Chargers $23,235,099
15 Seattle Seahawks $18,770,653
16 Washington Redskins $18,582,802
17 Detroit Lions $17,254,795
18 Minnesota Vikings $14,542,066
19 Carolina Panthers $13,425,414
20 Denver Broncos $12,603,443
21 Houston Texans $9,795,734
22 Arizona Cardinals $8,190,913
23 St. Louis Rams $5,587,464
24 Baltimore Ravens $4,200,610
25 New York Giants $2,772,021
26 Pittsburgh Steelers $2,493,317
27 San Francisco 49ers $1,811,684
28 Miami Dolphins $856,593
29 Dallas Cowboys -$2,197,246
30 Kansas City Chiefs -$12,014,829
31 New England Patriots -$15,374,463
32 New Orleans Saints -$27,966,581

As you can see, the Detroit Lions are in the middle of the pack right now with $17.3 million in cap space. This puts them behind both the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears and just ahead of the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North.

Overall, the Jacksonville Jaguars lead the way with an astounding $64.5 million in cap space. On the flip side, the New Orleans Saints have a bit of a mess on their hands, as they are currently around $28 million over the salary cap. Yikes.

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