Ravens interested in Pettigrew?

Somebody called into 97.1 The Ticket today and mentioned this article over at ESPN's Baltimore Ravens blog.

Look, its a beat writer speculating and answering a twitter question for a "mail bag" article but it is certainly a fun debate.

Whoever called in said they thought the trade would go down like this;

Baltimore Receives;

  • Lions First Round Pick (23rd overall)
  • Brandon Pettigrew

Detroit Receives;

  • Baltimore First Round Pick (26th overall)
  • 2x Baltimore 4th Round Picks (122nd & 125th overall)

Doug & Gator were not totally sold on this trade because they both admitted to be Pettigrew fans. Doug said he's not crazy about losing a starter AND moving down in the first while Gator thought maybe Pettigrew can still bring something to the table offensively even though his numbers were way down this past season.

I'll admit I am somewhere in between being all in for this trade and hesitant. One of those fourth round picks (in this THEORETICAL trade) was originally the Lions so it feels like somewhat of a hustle. Plus the Lions are moving down and giving up a veteran starter. If the Ravens were to offer their 3rd instead of the Lions original 4th I'd be much more inclined to send Brandon to Maryland.

Let's factor in the cap hit/savings the Lions might get. If he were to be traded the Lions would "only" save $800,000 off their cap. In the grand cap-of-things, not that much, but really the Lions don't have much to work with anyways. The savings would be more beneficial heading into the 2016 off season.

Does Pettigrew still bring something to the table for the Lions offensive game plan? Debatable, for sure. I think the Lions offensive line struggles this past season negated any potential he had in contributing in the pass game as they had to use him as an extra blocker a lot. Plus his blocking has been up for huge debate here on POD and the PFF numbers do not paint a pretty picture. I will admit though that I'd be curious to see what Pettigrew might offer if the offensive line did not resemble a sieve.

I read up on what Reisman and Tomke (x2) projected Pettigrews role might be when the Lions first announced the Lombardi hire. I still see and feel that Pettigrew can be that Watson-role but it brings me right back to the cap number. While age is obviously a contributing factor in Watsons $1.9 million cap hit, that tells me that Pettigrew (and what he's being asked to do) is grossly overpaid.

The more I sit and think about this, the more I am really for this trade. Then reality comes crashing back to me and reminds me that this was all some beat writer speculation.

Is it September yet?

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