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What would your ideal Lions draft look like?

What does your best-case scenario look like for the Detroit Lions in the 2015 NFL Draft?

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When it comes to filling their top needs, the Detroit Lions can really go in a number of different directions in this year's NFL Draft. They can focus on bolstering their offensive and defensive lines early in the draft, for example, or they can focus on positions like running back, wide receiver and cornerback instead. There are really a countless number of scenarios out there, especially once you factor in the possibility of trades.

Of all the possible scenarios, which one do you most want to happen this week when the 2015 NFL Draft is held? In my mind, the best-case scenario for the Lions would be to stockpile as many picks as they can by trading down, but assuming nothing like that happens, I'm hoping they follow a blueprint that looks something like this:

  • Round 1 - Pick No. 23 (23) - Offensive lineman
  • Round 2 - Pick No. 22 (54) - Defensive tackle
  • Round 3 - Pick No. 24 (88) - Running back
  • Round 5 - Pick No. 32 (168) - Cornerback
  • Round 6 - Pick No. 24 (200) - Wide receiver/returner
  • Round 7 - Pick No. 23 (240) - Offensive guard/center

The Lions are going into the draft simply looking to get the best player available with each of their picks, especially in the early rounds, so it's not like they should only consider an offensive lineman in the first, a defensive tackle in the second and so on. However, this is a general outline for what I want them to get out of this year's draft. I think an offensive lineman early on is important, for example, as the Lions need to find someone who can start at left guard or right tackle. Along the same lines, I also think it's important to add a defensive tackle and running back within the first few rounds to bolster their depth at those positions with players who can make an immediate impact.

In the later rounds, the focus is really on adding players who can be developed for the future. A cornerback earlier in the draft would certainly be nice, but that's a position that should be addressed at some point, even if it means waiting until the fifth round. The same goes for adding a wide receiver who may not immediately contribute on offense but can step in as the Lions' starting returner from day one. Finally, I went with another offensive lineman for the seventh round, as the Lions have virtually no interior depth right now. Even if they take an offensive guard/center in one of the first few rounds, I still think it'd be worthwhile to get a developmental interior O-lineman toward the end of the draft to add even more depth.

What does your ideal outline for the Lions' 2015 draft look like?

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