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Lions draft rumors: Detroit trying to trade down?

The Detroit Lions are reportedly exploring the possibility of trading down in the NFL Draft.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions, like most NFL teams, are almost always involved in trade rumors going into the NFL Draft. Last year, the rumors focused on their desire to move up to take a wide receiver. The year before that, though, the Lions were listed as a team making calls about moving down in the draft.

This year, it seems like a repeat of 2013 with the Lions trying to find a way to trade down:

Actually completing a move down requires a team that is actually trying to move up. On top of that, any team trying to move up would have to actually have a reason to pull the trigger on a trade once the Lions are on the clock at No. 23 overall. In other words, a lot has to fall into place for the Lions to actually be able to trade down once draft day arrives.

While trading down may not be the easiest thing in the world, it would definitely be a good move for the Lions this year. They only have six picks right now and none in the fourth round. Moving down even a few spots could get the Lions a mid-round pick in return, and that would give them a lot more flexibility on Day 3 of the draft.