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Lions fantasy football rankings: May edition

Here's a look at where Detroit Lions players landed in various fantasy football rankings.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Considering training camp is still months away, it's probably a bit too early to start thinking too much about fantasy football drafts. Then again, what better way to kill time in the offseason than by doing exactly that?

With that in mind, let's examine some May fantasy football rankings by seeing where various Detroit Lions players landed:

(The initial number listed is the overall ranking; the number in parentheses is the position-specific ranking. Also, these are rankings for standard leagues.)

Player SB Nation ESPN CBS Sports 1 CBS Sports 2 Consensus (FantasyPros)
QB Matthew Stafford 70 (QB12) 172 (QB14) 87 (QB11) 97 (QB11) 72 (QB11)
RB Joique Bell 16 (RB9) 46 (RB20) 37 (RB18) 24 (RB12) 59 (RB24)
RB Ameer Abdullah NR (NR) 90 (RB38) 50 (RB25) 107 (RB42) 95 (RB33)
RB Theo Riddick 167 (RB56) 107 (RB49) NR (NR) 181 (RB68) 186 (RB60)
WR Calvin Johnson 18 (WR5) 18 (WR7) 14 (WR4) 15 (WR4) 14 (WR5)
WR Golden Tate 61 (WR27) 59 (WR24) 72 (WR28) 59 (WR26) 56 (WR24)
TE Eric Ebron 151 (TE21) 273 (TE22) 175 (TE24) 179 (TE17) 172 (TE24)
K Matt Prater NR (NR) 157 (K7) NR (K11) NR (K11) NR (K11)
DST Lions NR (NR) 148 (DST10) NR (DST15) NR (DST18) NR (DST18)

A lot of these rankings are all over the place, but probably the most surprising thing to me is how down ESPN is on Matthew Stafford. They have him as the 14th quarterback, and perhaps more importantly, they have him all the way down at 172nd overall. That puts him behind both Matt Prater and the Lions' defense/special teams. Perhaps that has more to do with how ESPN ranks quarterbacks who wouldn't be drafted in a starting role than anything, but still, that seems a bit odd.

In any case, what are your big observations from these very early Lions fantasy football rankings?