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Detroit Lions draft picks 2015: A look at this year's class

A rundown of the Detroit Lions' seven picks from the 2015 NFL Draft.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions had four major needs coming into the 2015 NFL Draft: offensive line, running back, cornerback and defensive tackle. Fittingly, those positions turned out to be the Lions' first four picks with them adding a left guard in the first round, a running back in the second, a cornerback in the third and a defensive tackle in the fourth. The Lions then closed out the draft with a fullback, another cornerback and an offensive tackle.

In all, the Lions ended up making seven picks this year. Here's a look at their 2015 NFL Draft class:

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll take a closer look at each pick with scouting reports, so keep an eye out for that series here on Pride Of Detroit.