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Ranking all 32 NFL teams by cap space

Where do the Detroit Lions stack up in terms of how much cap space they have? Let's take a look at a league-wide ranking.

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By this point in the offseason, most of the heavy lifting has been completed from a roster standpoint for NFL teams. There aren't any major free agents left on the open market, and many draft picks have already been signed. There will still be quite a few moves in the coming months as rosters are fine-tuned, but most NFL teams are now at 90 players as they get ready to begin OTAs.

With this in mind, now is a good time to take a look at where the NFL stands from a salary cap standpoint. In the case of the Detroit Lions, for example, they officially have around $4.1 million in cap space, according to the NFLPA. However, it's important to note that the contracts for Ameer Abdullah and the various free agents they signed last week have not been officially filed just yet, and they have not yet signed first-round pick Laken Tomlinson, so in reality that number is actually a bit lower.

In any case, based on the official numbers from the NFLPA, the Lions are currently 30th in the NFL when it comes to cap space:

UPDATE: Those aforementioned unfiled contracts have now been filed, leaving the Lions with $3.57 million in cap space. Interestingly enough, factoring in moves other teams made, the Lions are now up to 29th in cap space.

1 Jacksonville Jaguars $35,595,384
2 Cleveland Browns $23,174,676
3 Tennessee Titans $22,865,039
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers $20,395,499
5 Oakland Raiders $19,855,144
6 Cincinnati Bengals $18,446,416
7 Atlanta Falcons $16,586,123
8 Green Bay Packers $16,124,834
9 San Diego Chargers $14,623,372
10 Arizona Cardinals $13,269,576
11 Dallas Cowboys $13,009,832
12 New England Patriots $10,840,046
13 Seattle Seahawks $10,389,729
14 Indianapolis Colts $10,345,369
15 New York Jets $9,529,715
16 St. Louis Rams $9,270,231
17 Minnesota Vikings $9,256,093
18 Denver Broncos $9,125,024
19 Philadelphia Eagles $9,011,825
20 Pittsburgh Steelers $8,716,260
21 Miami Dolphins $7,938,293
22 Chicago Bears $7,775,119
23 Baltimore Ravens $7,384,985
24 Houston Texans $7,168,066
25 New York Giants $7,073,492
26 Carolina Panthers $6,915,169
27 Buffalo Bills $6,480,300
28 San Francisco 49ers $4,673,141
29 Detroit Lions $3,574,157
30 Washington Redskins $2,462,854
31 Kansas City Chiefs $1,778,529
32 New Orleans Saints -$1,453,617

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