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Lions officially announce new TV partners

The Detroit Lions officially have two new TV partners.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

As we found out earlier this month, the Detroit Lions' non-national preseason games are moving to WJBK (FOX 2 in Detroit) this year. The Lions officially confirmed this news on Thursday by announcing new television partnerships with both FOX 2 and FOX Sports Detroit. Via the Lions, here are the pertinent details:

Preseason games, including their pre- and postgame shows, will air locally on FOX2 and throughout Michigan via Lions Preseason TV Network affiliates (nationally televised games excluded). [...]

Fox Sports Detroit will produce the preseason game broadcasts with FOX2 producing the pre- and postgame segments. Lions Preseason TV Network games will re-air on Fox Sports Detroit. [...]

Additionally, both FOX2 and FSD will feature official Detroit Lions TV programing. The team’s one-hour pregame show Lions GameDay LIVE will air on FOX2 Sundays at 11 AM; the Lions Live postgame show will be simulcast on FSD and immediately following each game; and FOX2 will air Sportsworks: Lions Game Night on Sunday’s at 11 PM.

The weekly Monday press conference with the Lions’ head coach will also air on FSD.

Go here for more details, and go here to view the Lions' 2015 preseason schedule.