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Lions rumors: Tom Lewand shuts down trade talk for now

Remember those rumors about the Detroit Lions potentially trading for another defensive tackle? Well, it doesn't sound like any moves are about to happen.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, Jason La Canfora suggested that the Detroit Lions were looking into adding extra help at defensive tackle. To go a step further, he indicated that the Lions might be looking at potentially trading for another defensive tackle. After all, they previously made moves to add Haloti Ngata and Gabe Wright, so another trade wouldn't exactly be a huge shock at this point.

As it turns out, though, it doesn't sound like a trade is imminent or anything like that. In fact, it doesn't sound like the Lions are even involved in negotiations for a trade based on what team president Tom Lewand said to the Detroit Free Press on Wednesday:

[...] but Lions president Tom Lewand told the Free Press after speaking at a "Man Up" event for Kensington Church at the Birmingham Country Club today that "nothing" is currently in the works when it comes to trading for a defensive tackle.

Just because nothing is in the works right now doesn't mean that the Lions haven't been approached about a possible deal. Lewand made a point to say that the Lions "look at any opportunity that we might come our way to improve the team and evaluate it." So perhaps the Lions evaluated a potential move and simply decided to stand pat with their current group of defensive tackles.

Speaking of that current group, if the Lions don't add anybody, chances are they will go into the season with Ngata and Tyrunn Walker as their starters and Wright and Caraun Reid as their backups at defensive tackle. This group certainly doesn't compare to the stacked rotation of defensive tackles from last season (at least when everybody was healthy), but I suppose the Lions could have done a lot worse given the ridiculous amount of turnover they experienced at the position this offseason.