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2015 NFL Draft: Alex Carter talks about being picked by Lions

Here's a look back at what Alex Carter had to say after being picked by the Detroit Lions in the third round.

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The Detroit Lions selected Stanford cornerback Alex Carter with the 80th overall pick on Friday. After being picked, Carter spoke with the media, and below is a recap of what he had to say. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On what went through his mind when he received the call from the Lions: "My whole family jumped up around me, everyone was happy. We've been sitting, waiting for the past two nights, so it was just a big relief to hear my name called and get that phone call."

On how much contact he had with the Lions prior to the Draft: "The Lions were actually the first visit that I took and I had a great time up there, met the coaching staff, met Coach Caldwell and all the guys. I just really felt great being in their presence. I felt great being able to come in and compete. They told me that they like that I'm a physical corner, I'm going to tackle, get to the ball and make plays, so that's what they told me."

On if he knew of Mayhew at all from his father's relationship with him: "My dad did mention him because Martin played for the Redskins, and then when he left is when my dad was drafted. So, my dad had mentioned him before."

On how he describes his game: "I'm a big, tall, physical corner. Love to hit and tackle, make plays on the ball, come up and run support. You know, I'm just that physical presence in the defensive backfield."

On the ratio of man to zone scheme that he played at Stanford: "We played a lot of man, mostly on third downs, but we also incorporated a lot of zone. But I would say more man than zone."

On if he feels comfortable in zone defense: "I feel comfortable in zone because, you know, that's just kind of the way that I was taught. You know, taught to understand the defense, where the backers are dropping, where I have help from the safeties, so zone has been incorporated to my game. But as a corner, being a big press corner, that's obviously one of my favorites."

On how much his intelligence plays into his performance as a football player: "I think that it's a very crucial aspect. You know, you can't just be an athlete on the field anymore. You have to be able to think and respond quickly, so having those guys that can do that definitely brings a lot of advantage to that team."

On what he knows about Detroit as a city: "I've only been there once on my pre-draft visit. I kind of have the connection with Barry Sanders because his son was my roommate this past year, so I'll definitely get to talk to him about that now and kind of seek his insight."

On if he has met Barry Sanders: "I have, I have because his son was my roommate, so he would come by the room every now and then and I would get a chance to talk to him. He was one of my idols growing up as a child."

On the first time he met Sanders: "The first time I met him was at the beginning of last year, but Barry is a very quiet guy. You know, he has that quiet confidence, so when he came in the room I was shocked at first. I tried to keep my cool. I was like, ‘Oh wow, this is Barry Sanders right here in the flesh.' But it was awesome meeting him."

On if Sanders' son shares the same demeanor as his father: "Barry J, the younger Barry, is a little bit more social in my opinion. He kind of likes that spotlight, likes to live in it, but he's a great guy. (He is) one of my best friends right now."

On if Sanders (his former roommate) can make a splash in the NFL: "Definitely. Barry right now, he's very talented. He definitely moves the same way that his dad does. Just with more growth and development as a man, he's going to be a great player."

On how playing at Stanford prepared him for the NFL: "Playing for Coach (David) Shaw definitely taught me how to be a professional. You know, he definitely instilled in us that mentality of work ethic and being mentally prepared for every single game and every situation in every game. So, you know, just playing under that coach, Coach Shaw, has prepared me to be a pro."

On if his versatility is a strength: "Definitely. I am going to come in and compete. However I can get playing time, I am going to come in and compete and be the best that I can. I will play corner, I will play safety, special teams, whatever you want me to do. I will give it my all."

On how much Seahawks CB Richard Sherman has inspired him: "Huge. Especially for me. You see that and you can't help but be inspired. I am going to take that exact same chip on my shoulder, that exact mentality with me and I am going to work to be the best because I know that I can be."

On if he has any relationship with Sherman: "Yeah, we talked before. He had just left before I got to Stanford but we still keep in contact. He texted me a while ago before the combine and wished me good luck. It is going to be awesome being in the League with the man."

On if Sherman gave him any advice before the combine: "Just to be confident and not let anyone knock me off my game. Just to know that I am the best. Just compete."

On what positions he feels comfortable at: "I am just willing to come in and compete at whatever. If they want me to play corner, if they want me to play safety, I will do both gladly. I am just going to compete to be the best player I know am and know I will be."

On if he has experience at safety: "A little bit in high school. A lot of my coaches saw me as a natural corner. Me personally, I envision myself playing safety one day. If not now then later in my career, but I definitely want to do both."

On if his dad's NFL career gives him an advantage: "It does. I feel like I have great advantage over a lot of the guys coming in right now or that are even in the League because I watched my father go through this whole process. As he has watched me, he has given me advice and tips that I need to know in order to be great." 

On how well he knows Lions CB Rashean Mathis: "I met him actually about 10 years ago when he was with Jacksonville. We played golf together. Me, my dad him and Terry Cousins. I know him pretty well from back then, so I look forward to seeing him again."

On if he played any nickel at Stanford: "I never played nickel at Stanford. I expressed to the (Lions) coaches that I would love to try it. If they found a situation for me in nickel or dime and want to put me in then I would be all for that."

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