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Lions assign numbers to draft picks, other players

Most of the Detroit Lions' draft picks now have numbers, as do most of the team's previous offseason acquisitions. Also, several players from last season have changed numbers.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL Draft in the books, the Detroit Lions have started assigning numbers to their 2015 draft class, as well as other players they acquired this offseason. In addition, some Lions players from last season have decided to change numbers. Via the Lions, here's the full rundown:

Draft picks

  • RB Ameer Abdullah: No. 21
  • DT Gabe Wright: No. 90
  • FB Michael Burton: No. 46
  • CB Quandre Diggs: No. 36
  • OT Corey Robinson: No. 70

I suppose this is good news if you own a Reggie Bush or Ndamukong Suh jersey, as you now just need to get the nameplate replaced with Ameer Abdullah taking Bush's old number and Wright taking Suh's old number. Wright actually wore No. 90 in college at Auburn, whereas Abdullah was No. 8 at Nebraska.

What about offensive guard Laken Tomlinson and cornerback Alex CarterTim Twentyman reports that Tomlinson is "in discussion" with Cornelius Lucas for the No. 77 jersey (Tomlinson's number at Duke). Lucas actually wore No. 78 at Kansas State, and with Corey Hilliard no longer on the team, that number is now available. As for Carter, he's apparently deciding between Nos. 33, 34 and 40.

Other offseason acquisitions

  • WR Skye Dawson: No. 11
  • OG Manny Ramirez: No. 63
  • C Darren Keyton: No. 68
  • C Braxston Cave: No. 60
  • C Taylor Boggs: No. 65
  • DT Haloti Ngata: No. 92
  • DT Kerry Hyder: No. 61

The most notable thing here is that defensive tackle Haloti Ngata has taken the No. 92 jersey, which previously belonged to defensive end Devin Taylor. Taylor has now switched to No. 98, which was his number at South Carolina and was previously occupied by Nick Fairley. (FYI: Several other offseason acquisitions still don't have a number.)

Number changes

  • WR Andrew Peacock: No. 18 (was previously No. 1)
  • DE Devin Taylor: No. 98 (was previously No. 92)
  • LB Kyle Van Noy: No. 53 (was previously No. 95)
  • CB Nevin Lawson: No. 24 (was previously No. 43)

I figured Kyle Van Noy would change his number at some point last season, but he finally got rid of No. 95 this offseason in exchange for a jersey that makes a bit more sense for a linebacker.