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Did the Lions improve? QB edition

Did the Detroit Lions improve their talent at quarterback from 2014 to 2015?

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Our latest series on the Detroit Lions roster begins with a comparison of the quarterback position from 2014 to 2015. Did the Lions improve at quarterback? Let's take a look.

2014 QBs: Matthew Stafford, Dan Orlovsky, Kellen Moore

2015 QBs: Matthew Stafford, Dan Orlovsky, Kellen Moore, Anthony Boone

Quarterback has typically been one of the more stable positions for the Lions in recent years from a personnel standpoint. The trio of Matthew Stafford, Shaun Hill and Drew Stanton was together for multiple seasons, for example, and that trio then became Stafford, Hill and Kellen Moore for a couple of years. Now, the Lions are in Year 2 of a quarterback trio that features Stafford, Moore and Dan Orlovsky.

As you can see, the only change at quarterback is that the Lions signed undrafted free agent Anthony Boone, and he's not expected to make the 53-man roster. Orlovsky and Moore were free agents this offseason, but by re-signing both players, the Lions have seemingly decided to keep this group of QBs together for at least one more season.

Did they improve?

With no major changes in personnel, there aren't any noticeable improvements at quarterback. Then again, with another year of experience under Stafford's belt, he should continue to improve, and the same goes for Moore, who may unseat Orlovsky as the Lions' backup quarterback. In that sense, perhaps the Lions have improved simply by keeping this group of quarterbacks together, but getting a bit more talent at the backup spot would have been a nice upgrade. I suppose answering this question really depends on what your perspective of "improvement" is.

What about compared to 2013?

2013 QBs: Matthew Stafford, Shaun Hill, Kellen Moore

I would definitely take Hill, who is now the Minnesota Vikings' backup quarterback, over Orlovsky. That's the only real change from then to now at this position, though.

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