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Lions OTAs: Joe Lombardi's comments from Wednesday

A look at what Joe Lombardi had to say after the Detroit Lions' organized team activity on Wednesday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Below is a recap of what Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi had to say following Wednesday's organized team activity. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On why the quarterbacks run barefoot after practice: "Did I get blamed for that? I think that was Dan Orlovsky. When he sees you guys out here he says, ‘Let's run barefoot.' So yeah, I think he's tricking you on that one. I think Matt (Stafford) sometimes gets blisters, so when they run after practice I think he likes to take his shoes off sometimes. I've read it's good for you, but no I would never make them do it."

On the offense's comfort level in the second year of the system: "Certainly with the older guys, you know, when they break the huddle there's less stress that they're going to line up incorrectly at this time of year. Last year when they were first learning it things were going a little slower, so the tempo's better, it's more crisp. Guys know where to go and I think a lot of the second-level thinking that happens when you're running routes and stuff is coming more natural for these guys. It's been a lot smoother."

On the young players' grasp of the offense so far: "Everyone learns at a different pace. Some guys are doing real well and it's impressive to see some of these rookies come in and other guys. Yeah, but it's a normal kind of learning process that you see, nothing out of the ordinary. Certainly with the veterans there's a much higher comfort level."

On what he attributes to the sacks allowed last season: "I think it's a combination of things. Every sack has got a different reason. Sometimes the quarterback's got to get the ball out, sometimes someone gets beat, sometimes someone misses an assignment, so there was a number of factors. But we feel real good that we're on the right track to cut down on those numbers."

On the competition at receiver: "It's always a good thing because we've got a lot of talent there at receiver. You're right, there are going to be some tough decisions, but we've got a long time before we've got to make those decisions. So, it's fun to see those guys out there and competing and see who rises to the top."

On what he learned from his first year as coordinator last season: "I think you get a better idea of the players' strengths and weaknesses. So, you can craft game plans and calls around those better. Then, you know, I think with experience there's just a handful of calls that you look back at last year and say, ‘Man, I wish I had a better one on that game plan sheet that I could have called. Hopefully, you have less of those regrets at the end of every year as you go through this thing more."

On how WR Lance Moore's familiarity with the New Orleans offense has helped his transition: "I think it's huge. I think one, it's a lot easier for him. Certainly, it's not the exact same offense, but there's enough carry-over that he's got a good feel. Lance Moore is exceptional at - He's got great feel and instincts and he's great at talking with the quarterback with his body language. I think that that experience and abilities that he has really can rub off on the rest of the wide receiver room. You know, they can hear me talk about it, but when they see a guy doing it out here day in and day out on the practice field, you can already tell that it pays dividends for some of the receivers. They can kind of watch him and it's always easier to learn from example sometimes than just words. So, I think it's been good for him to make the transition, but I think it's been helping the rest of the team as well."

On his first impressions of the revamped offensive line: "They've been great. You know, Manny (Ramirez) has been here before and everyone told me what a great guy he is and it was all telling the truth. So, he's been great. It's a really young offensive line room. He's a great veteran presence in there. Laken (Tomlinson) and really all the rookies, I think it's an exceptional group, the maturity that they have, the way that they prepare, the seriousness with which they take their jobs. It's just a mature group. Laken's certainly one of the leaders."

On if having a young offensive line can be worrisome for him: "I mean, listen, the more experience the better, but I think it's a smart group, it's a well-coached group, so it's not a huge concern by any stretch. When you look at the talent that we have there and how young it is, it makes you feel good about not just this year, but years down the road, you know? I think if everyone stays healthy, knock on wood, we've got long-term stability there at the offensive line, which is really good."

On getting different skills out of the array of running backs: "For sure. You know, I think Theo is an exceptional route runner. Abdullah, you know, he didn't get a chance maybe to show everything he can do as a receiver at Nebraska, but he's even better in that phase of the game than I thought when we drafted him, so it was kind of a bonus when you see how well he catches the ball and how well he runs routes. Joique, he gets the ball and he's productive. It's hard to put a finger on how he does it, but he's always been a productive player. So, I think we've got a really good mix of skills in there."

On Bell's injury: "Well, I think you're always concerned, but you know the doctors and he all tell us that he's going to be able to come back. Really, I think your biggest concern is just, is he going to be able to get in the shape that you wanted to at the beginning of camp. But we'll be careful with him and smart and ramp him up as we go."

On if the offense is better-equipped to take more shots down the field: "Yeah, and I think it's - I don't know if it's as much as me calling them as it is just the comfort level of the quarterback knowing. I think Matt (Stafford), to his credit, was careful last year at times and there were times maybe where he could have pulled the trigger where he didn't, being a little bit safer. I don't think that's as much just not being willing to or wanting to as much as like, ‘Hey, I don't have as much time on task with this look as I do now.' So, I think he's already thrown some really good balls into some tight windows that you like to see. That helps you be more productive."