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Lions notes: Calvin Johnson, David Ausberry, more

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Lions notes looks at Calvin Johnson, David Ausberry and much more.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
  • Calvin Johnson will be 30 in September, but he's not too concerned with his age, as evidenced by what he told the Detroit Lions' official site: "Turning 30 can be a boundary, it can be a hindrance, if you let it be, if you let age beat you. I just keep working and keep the same mindset that I’ve kept my whole career. It’s grown and gotten better and I just keep on trying to advance."

  • Even Johnson is getting advice from Lance Moore given Moore's familiarity with Joe Lombardi's offensive scheme.

  • Josh Katzenstein reports that new Lions tight end David Ausberry tried out for the team on Tuesday before being signed on Wednesday. Running backs Ben Tate and Daniel Thomas and wide receivers Brad Smith and Robert Meachem also tried out for the Lions on Tuesday, but none of them have been signed to this point.

  • I think it's safe to say Rodney Austin won't be re-signing with the Lions.
  • Why have the Lions' quarterbacks been running barefoot after practice? It turns out Lombardi is not the one behind this after all.

  • Former Lions cornerback Jonte Green tried out for the New York Jets this week.