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Lions re-sign RB Rasheed Williams

The Detroit Lions have re-signed an undrafted free agent who was released last month.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Last month, during a busy week of roster moves, the Detroit Lions released running back Rasheed Williams. This move was a bit odd considering Williams had only joined the Lions as an undrafted free agent a week earlier, but Dave Birkett hinted that Williams was going to be re-signed once he finished up his classes at Alfred State.

As it turns out, that's exactly what ended up happening. Williams is done with school, and he's now back with the Lions, according to Birkett. It's basically like he never left in the first place:

It's unclear at this time who has been released to make room for Williams, but running back Desmond Martin seems like the most logical candidate. Martin joined the Lions as an undrafted free agent out of Wayne State after participating in their rookie minicamp on a tryout basis, and he essentially filled Williams' spot at running back. Swapping Martin for Williams would be the simplest move, but again, it's unclear what the corresponding transaction is at this time.