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Teryl Austin ranked among NFL's top coordinators

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The Detroit Lions' Teryl Austin is viewed as one of the NFL's top coordinators.

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The Detroit Lions are pretty fortunate that Teryl Austin is still their defensive coordinator. In 2014, he led one of the top defenses in all of the NFL, and people around the league took notice. He interviewed for numerous head-coaching jobs after the season, and he's viewed as someone who will be running his own team sooner rather than later.

Don't believe me? Just look at what's Bucky Brooks wrote this week. Not only did he rank Austin as the fourth-best defensive coordinator in the NFL and the eighth-best coordinator overall, but Brooks thinks Austin is the top head-coaching candidate of the group:

Who will garner attention in next offseason's hiring cycle? Well, obviously, that'll depend on how things play out in the 2015 campaign. But as of right now, these three guys stand out among current coordinators:

1) Teryl Austin, defensive coordinator, Detroit Lions
2) Josh McDaniels, offensive coordinator, New England Patriots
3) Hue Jackson, offensive coordinator, Cincinnati Bengals

Specifically, Brooks highlighted Austin's "adaptability and schematic versatility" and "communication skills and trustworthiness" as his biggest attributes. That skill set, combined with what he has done in such a short time with the defense in Detroit, has made him one of the most attractive head-coaching candidates in all of the NFL.