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Did the Lions improve? Special teams edition

Did the Detroit Lions improve their talent on special teams from 2014 to 2015?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Our latest series on the Detroit Lions roster concludes with a comparison of the specialists from 2014 to 2015. Did the Lions improve on special teams? Let's take a look.

2014 specialists: Matt Prater, Sam Martin, Don Muhlbach

2015 specialists: Matt Prater, Kyle Brindza, Sam Martin, Don Muhlbach

Aside from adding Kyle Brindza as a camp leg, there have been no changes on special teams since the end of last season. However, if we go back to the beginning of last season, the Lions have changed kickers multiple times. They started out 2014 with seventh-round pick Nate Freese and later had Alex Henery before ultimately bringing in Matt Prater to stabilize the kicker position.

Did they improve?

I can't imagine the Lions will end up having to change kickers multiple times during the season, so I say yes for that reason alone. The Lions have a solid trio of specialists, and this unit should be much more consistent in 2015.

What about compared to 2013?

2013 specialists: David Akers, Sam Martin, Don Muhlbach

Looking back on what happened at kicker last season, I think we were all a bit too hard on David Akers in 2013. With that said, if Prater performs like he did in his last couple of seasons in Denver, the Lions should be much better at kicker and much better on special teams overall.

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