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Silverdome urinal signed by Barry Sanders up for sale

Ebay has provided us with the glorious opportunity to own the best "pee-ce" of Detroit Lions merchandise ever created: a urinal signed by Barry Sanders.

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via mgk086/eBay

Last year, the offseason presented one of the best pieces of Detroit Lions merchandise a fan could ever own: the CVS-printed, awesomely awful Matthew Stafford t-shirt. (This t-shirt, it was later discovered, most likely has the head of Stafford superimposed on Drew Brees' body.)

We're already into June, and I feared we would have to wait another year until a classic piece of Lions memorabilia emerged. But worry not, Lions fans. We have a new winner for Best Lions Merchandise:

sander urinal

What you are looking at there is a urinal from the home locker room of the Pontiac Silverdome signed by the one and only Barry Sanders. Ebay seller mgk086 explains:

I'm very confident that this is the only Barry Sanders autographed urinal in existence not to mention it's from the Home Team Locker Room at the Silverdome.  I was shocked that Barry actually signed considering his public statement saying he would never sign a urinal.  Who knows if he will ever do it again

You see, this all goes back to an innocuous tweet from Mr. Sanders himself. After news broke that urinals from the Pontiac Silverdome would be up for purchase to the public, Barry tweeted the following:

Apparently mgk086 took this as a challenge, and after purchasing the urinals for a mere $23 (!!), he convinced Sanders to sign them late last year at a signing event in Sterling Heights.

As of right now, the urinal has 19 bids and sits at a more than reasonable price of $1,175.92. If you have some disposable income and would like to become best friends with me, I have a PayPal account and I'm not afraid to use it.

(via Cowboys Ride For Free and Deadspin)