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Jim Washburn returns to the Lions

Detroit Lions defensive line coach Jim Washburn has returned to the team after having offseason surgery.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions have two main defensive line coaches, but only one of them was around the team throughout this offseason. That was Kris Kocurek. The other defensive line coach, Jim Washburn, missed time while recovering from knee-replacement surgery, but he was back with the Lions for Monday's OTA practice:

In an interview with the Detroit Free Press back in March, Washburn talked about how much pain he was in prior to the surgery. In fact, Washburn said it got to the point where he "couldn't walk" last season, so he decided to "take care of several medical things" in order to be ready to roll for the 2015 season.

With Washburn out, the Lions promoted Matt Raich from defensive quality control coach to defensive assistant/defensive ends coach. Raich will presumably continue in that role even with Washburn back, so between those two coaches and Kocurek, there will be a variety of teachers for the Lions' defensive linemen this year.