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C.J. Mosley reportedly visiting unknown team

It's still not clear if the Detroit Lions truly have interest in re-signing defensive tackle C.J. Mosley, but it appears at least one other team is taking a look at him.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

After adding Haloti Ngata, Tyrunn Walker and Gabe Wright this offseason, the Detroit Lions appear to be set at defensive tackle. Ngata and Walker are the projected starters, and Wright should be the top backup. Throw in second-year player Caraun Reid and the Lions' top four at defensive tackle seems pretty clear.

I suppose "seems" is the key word there, because there's no guarantee the Lions are done making moves at defensive tackle. There were rumors of a possible trade at one point, and the Lions reportedly met with free agent Mike Patterson last month. Also, just last Friday there was a report about the Lions negotiating with free agent C.J. Mosley. That report indicated that "at least one other team" had interest in Mosley, and now comes this news:

follow-up report on the Mosley news last week indicated that the Lions have "moved on" from him. That's been the thinking since free agency began back in March, as the Lions didn't seem to have any real interest in re-signing him. Perhaps that has changed, but if they do want to bring him back, it looks like the time has come to make something happen with Mosley apparently visiting another team.

Then again, so far all of the talk about possible additions at defensive tackle has been just that -- talk. The trade rumors were quickly shot down, and Patterson remains a free agent. Perhaps things will be different with Mosley, but the Lions have shown no indication so far that they see a need to make another move at defensive tackle. They appear to be content with their current top four, and although that could change as the offseason starts to wind down, actions -- or non-actions, in this case -- speak louder than words.