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Projecting the Lions depth chart: Wide receiver

What will the Detroit Lions depth chart look like at wide receiver by the end of training camp? What camp battles are worth watching at this position? Let's take a look.

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As the offseason winds down, we're going to project each position on the Detroit Lions depth chart and also take a look at some training camp battles. Next up is the wide receiver position.

Starters: Calvin Johnson, Golden TateLance Moore

We know that Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate are going to be the Lions' top two wide receivers in 2015. Johnson is still one of the game's best receivers as long as he's healthy, and Tate proved last year that he can even serve as a team's No. 1 option if necessary.

The third spot, on the other hand, is up for grabs. There are a variety of different options for the No. 3 receiver job, but I'm expecting Lance Moore to step up and win that role in training camp thanks in part to his familiarity with Joe Lombardi's offensive scheme.

Top backups: Corey Fuller, Jeremy Ross

If Moore does indeed become the No. 3 receiver, the camp competition will then shift to the fourth and fifth spots. Corey Fuller seems like a safe bet to remain in the No. 4 role after occupying that spot a year ago, and I still think Jeremy Ross will end up with a spot on the team even if he loses his job as the third receiver. He's able to contribute in multiple areas on special teams, and that's something you want your No. 5 receiver to be able to do.

Other players: Ryan Broyles, TJ Jones, Greg Salas, Andrew Peacock, Vernon Johnson, Jarred Haggins

Unless the Lions keep six receivers, all of these guys are stuck on the outside looking in based on this projection. It's definitely conceivable for six receivers to make the team, but if the likes of Ryan Broyles and TJ Jones aren't contributing on offense, the only reason to have them on the roster would be for special teams purposes. Considering the Lions could probably get better special teams contributions from other players at other positions, I just don't see the value in having six receivers at this point.

Featured camp battle: Lance Moore vs. Jeremy Ross vs. Corey Fuller vs. Ryan Broyles vs. TJ Jones for the No. 3 WR job

Other camp battles to watch: The runners-up from the featured camp battle for the No. 4 and No. 5 WR jobs

The battle for the No. 3 receiver job will be pretty fascinating to watch given all of the Lions' different options. Once that's settled, the battles for the next two spots on the depth chart could be equally fascinating. The Lions have so many different receivers you could make a case for that they are really overflowing with options right now, and the battles at the bottom of the depth chart will ultimately decide who does or doesn't make the team. For guys like Moore, Broyles, Jones, Ross, Fuller and even someone like Andrew Peacock, these camp battles will have a big effect on the future of their NFL careers.

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