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Camp battles: Who will nab the Lions' final interior OL spot?

If the Detroit Lions decide to keep five interior offensive linemen this year, they will have five different options for one spot.

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When the Detroit Lions kicked off the 2014 regular season, they only had four total interior offensive linemen on their roster: a starting left guard, a starting center, a starting right guard and one backup. That left the Lions pretty thin at guard and center, but it allowed them to keep an extra player at another position.

This year, the Lions could very well go the same route in order to create room at another position, but my feeling is that there will in fact be a second backup spot for the guard and center positions. This would give the Lions some extra insurance in case of injuries, and it would give them five total interior players and another camp competition on the offensive line.

The candidates

There are really three different categories when it comes to the candidates for this role. The first category includes the two undrafted rookies: Torrian Wilson and Al Bond. Wilson actually got the second-biggest signing bonus of all the Lions' 2015 undrafted free agents, indicating that they like him quite a bit. Actually, the Lions beat out the New England Patriots in order to sign Wilson, so they weren't the only ones interested in him.

The second category includes the one returning player from last year: Darren Keyton. He has been on and off the Lions' roster and practice squad since 2013, so he's got the most experience with this team of all the players in this competition. That could give him a leg up, although the Lions are probably pretty aware of what Keyton actually brings to the table at this point.

The final category in this camp battle features Taylor Boggs and Braxston Cave, who both joined the Lions back in January at the start of the offseason. Boggs was actually with the Chicago Bears the last two seasons, and he was active for five total games, giving him the most in-game experience of the five players in this camp competition.

Who has the edge right now?

This is a tough call simply because so many of these players are completely unproven. On the one hand, Keyton has been with the Lions for a couple of years now, but a player like Boggs has actually made it to the active list on game day. Then again, a player like Wilson may be brand new to the NFL, but perhaps he has the most upside of the bunch. It's admittedly a complete guess at this point, but based on what the Lions spent to secure Wilson as an undrafted free agent, I'm giving him the fifth interior spot for the time being.

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