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Lions rookies report for training camp on Tuesday

The Detroit Lions' rookies are on their way back to Allen Park to get ready for the start of training camp.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We're still a week away from the official start of Detroit Lions training camp, but the offseason has essentially come to a close for the team's rookies. That's because they have to report to Allen Park for training camp by Tuesday. Some NFL teams have rookies and veterans report at the same time, but the Lions want their rookies to be in town before the rest of the team arrives.

Also scheduled to report for training camp by Tuesday are the Lions' injured players. It's unclear how serious an injury must be for a player to report early, but typically teams want to get a status update on players who are banged up before the rest of the team arrives. This allows them to make decisions about things like the PUP list, and it also gives them an extra few days to make adjustments to their roster in case extra depth is needed at certain positions.

Although the rookies and injured players are coming in early for the Lions, they won't be alone for all that long. The Lions' veterans are scheduled to report for training camp by Sunday. At that point, the Lions will have their entire team in town, and final preparations will be made for training camp, which officially kicks off next Monday with a 3:30 p.m. ET practice in Allen Park.

(That practice, by the way, is only open to season-ticket holders. You can view the full open practice schedule here.)