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Lions approval poll: Martin Mayhew (July 2015)

Do you approve of the job Martin Mayhew is doing as general manager of the Detroit Lions? Vote now.

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The approval rating for Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew has been all over the place this offseason. After his team made a playoff appearance, he hit 78 percent approval in January, but that number slowly started to drop in February, and it fell off a cliff in March after free agency got rolling. The number rebounded slightly in April, and then it jumped back into the 70s in May following the draft. Finally, last month Mayhew received a 75 percent approval rating from fans. Here's the full rundown:

June 2015: 75% approval
May 2015: 73% approval
April 2015: 56% approval
March 2015: 46% approval
February 2015: 71% approval
January 2015: 78% approval
December 2014: 79% approval
November 2014: 78% approval
October 2014: 84% approval
September 2014: 76% approval
August 2014: 58% approval
July 2014:
69% approval
June 2014: 78% approval
May 2014: 77% approval
April 2014:
74% approval
March 2014: 80% approval
January 2014: 74% approval
December 2013: 87% approval
November 2013: 82% approval
October 2013:
87% approval
September 2013: 70% approval
June 2013: 73% approval

With the 2015 offseason coming to a close, what is your opinion of Mayhew's performance as general manager of the Lions? Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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