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Lions training camp: Jim Caldwell's quotes from Friday

On Friday, Jim Caldwell spoke about Theo Riddick, Ameer Abdullah, Laken Tomlinson and much more.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Friday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

Opening statement: "Today is a day for us to come out and just break a sweat for the most part, get the guys loose and see how they're moving around, and also go over corrections. Big corrections in special teams, offense, defense, just to try to get some of those things ironed out that we might not have done as well during the course of the game. I'll open it up for any questions."

On RB Theo Riddick's performance last night: "You know, Theo ran well. Theo got some tough yards, great effort plays and then also he made some people miss, which he's certainly capable of doing. So it was fun to get an opportunity to see him go at it a little bit and I thought on the ground he was productive."

On the hype surrounding RB Ameer Abdullah: "I haven't heard any of that, but just like anything else, it's early. We just finished the first preseason game, we have a lot of work to do, and he's got a lot to learn."

On QB Kellen Moore's play last night: "He played solid, you know. He was solid. There's certainly some areas that he could improve upon, and I'm sure he'll set out to do just that. But he engineered a couple drives, and that was very nice. A 19-play drive is tough to do."

On what he saw from G Laken Tomlinson last night: "You can see he's developing. He's quick, he did a nice job of getting his body in a position to make blocks. But the great thing about him is I think he learned a lot from that first game. Seeing a little different style, bigger guys, but he was solid."

On the importance of Tomlinson getting reps: "The reps were invaluable for him. To get a chance to get as many as he possibly can I think is good and he enjoyed being in there. It was great to see him get his feet wet, but I think you're going to see week in and week out he's going to continue to develop and get better."

On Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles comparing RB Ameer Abdullah to Barry Sanders: "Well, there's only one Barry Sanders. Plain and simple. You know, I think the young man does have some talent, but he's young, it's his first preseason game and he's got a long way to go."

On G/C Taylor Boggs: "I thought he was solid as well, but I think he's a guy that keeps improving every single day. He's gritty, he's tough, he's smart and fortunately, he's got a good feel of the system and I think he'll get a better grasp and get better. He's performed well."

On where he feels the team is at: "It's a different team. You know, when it changes so much, you're talking about 30-35 percent of your team that is basically going to change, it's so different. It's tough to compare two teams that way. Do I think we've improved? Absolutely. You know, in a number of different ways and I felt that this spring as they were coming along and I think you'll continue to see that."

On going for two-point conversions vs. extra points this season: "A lot of thought. We have a plan and we plan to execute it when the season comes without announcing it."

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