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Better know an editor: Jeremy Reisman

Hi, I'm Jeremy Reisman. I'm your new Managing Editor. It's nice to meet you.

In case you missed it, Sean Yuille graciously stepped down as the Managing Editor of Pride of Detroit on Saturday. At his recommendation, I was given the daunting opportunity to fill Sean's enormous shoes. It's a task I don't take lightly. Like you, I spent most of the weekend wondering what this site is going to be like without its creator. But I'm here to tell you (and myself): everything is going to be alright.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Reisman and I refuse to acknowledge that I'm less than a year away from turning 30. I was born and raised in Northville, Michigan (THE FIGHTING MUSTANGS). Growing up, I had season tickets to the Detroit Lions for as long back as I can remember. It takes little effort for me to conjure up the unmistakeable aroma of the urine-covered hallways in the Silverdome. For many Sundays of my childhood, a few sections over from "Barry's Balcony" was my playground.

I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2008 with a psychology degree that I promptly wasted. A few years out of college, work and curiosity brought me to Los Angeles, where I have called my home for the past six years. I simultaneously love it and hate it. I badly miss Michigan every moment of the day (November through February, excluded).

Outside of football, I have an unhealthy obsession with comedy. I'd rather go to a comedy club than a movie theater. "Nathan For You" is current my favorite thing on TV, and Stephen Colbert is my idol (go back and watch "Strangers With Candy" if you've never seen it). I also play roller hockey (go Red Wings!) and am responsible for 90% of Netflix's streaming traffic.

My profile says I joined Pride of Detroit April 5th 2009, though it feels like I've been part of this community longer. I got my writing start in the dreaded year of 2008 at a (somehow still alive) website called It was there that I developed my "On Paper" previews. After the site failed to draw any traffic, I started posting my previews and other ramblings in the fanpost section of Pride of Detroit. Sean would occasionally bump my posts to the front page. I did this for two years until Sean put out a casting call (couch not included) in 2011 and hired me on as a contributor. Since then, I've been writing previews for this site and breaking down game film, among other things.

Now that I've been promoted to Managing Editor, I want to assure you that this place isn't going to look all that different. Sean has provided me with more-than-enough resources to keep this place as awesome as it has always been, and I believe I have the passion and work-ethic to maintain this place almost as well as Sean did for nine years.

You also don't have to worry, "On Paper" is here to stay. I plan on doing everything I've been doing for the site, just more of it. The only main difference you'll see here is what you may have noticed in the past few weeks: We have hired a big group of editors and writers so that you will be treated to several, varying voices and opinions. You thankfully won't have to deal with just my lame sarcasm all of the time, and I promise not to hate on Jim Caldwell too much this season.*

Lastly, I want to emphasize that this is a community, and I will treat it as such. I am very open to suggestions and criticisms. If I post something you don't like, don't be afraid to tell me, as long as you do it in a respectful way. If you think this site is missing something, let me know. Our Community Guidelines are located here if you don't know how to respectfully speak with others. I am a bit of a slow replier but you can reach me at prideofdetroitjeremy[at], and I will promise a response as long as your message is civil.

I want to thank everyone for the votes of confidence over the weekend. I know this will take some getting used to for all of us, but I'm excited to start this new chapter of Pride of Detroit!

But enough of this crap, let's get back to football!

*Promise not guaranteed