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Lions notes: Rob Sims announces retirement

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Today's notes checks in on former Lions Ashlee Palmer and Rob Sims.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

  • Rob Sims announced his retirement Monday on the local Detroit FOX news channel. Sims said of his retirement, "I had five great years in Detroit [...] it was time to hang 'em up." You can watch his announcement here.
  • Speaking of former Lions, Ashlee Palmer has a new home:

  • Lance Moore shared some details on what it was like witnessing the birth of his first newborn girl, Graylee.
  • 9 + 81 = $$$$$$$$$$
  • Are you having trouble keeping motivated to exercise and work out? No worries, Brandon Copeland is developing an fitness app aimed and helping users stay committed to a high-intensity workout.
  • Don't be surprised to see the Lions blitz a little more this year. We've already seen it a little this preseason, and that shouldn't come as a shock considering their defensive line has taken a hit this offseason.
  • SideLion Report put together an entertaining list of every type of Lions fan. I'm the Out of Towner/Angry fan. Please don't be "The S.O.L Guy."