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Lions notes: Michael Williams trade details, Travis Lewis, more

Today's Lions notes takes a look at the trade details of the Michael Williams trade, Travis Lewis' preseason and more.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

  • The details of the Michael Williams trade are now official. The Detroit Lions will receive the New England Patriots7th-round pick in 2017.
  • Speaking of the Williams trade, that trade has opened a huge hole for a player on the roster bubble: Corey Robinson. The rookie hasn't had a very impressive camp, but he has a ton of upside, according to Jim Caldwell.
  • The Patriots look like they are going to be using Williams as a tight end:
  • Travis Lewis is having himself a preseason:
  • The third episode of "Inside the Den", the Lions' knock-off version of "Hard Knocks", was released Wednesday. I highly recommend it.
  • I was on the Lions Central Radio podcast on Wednesday. If you want to hear me derail the Zach Zenner hype train, click here.
  • The Lions were the featured team on Deadspin's "Why Your Team Sucks" on Wednesday. It's highly entertaining and features such gold as:
The only thing worse than the inevitable blown-fourth-quarter-lead crushing losses are the ensuing Drew Sharp columns the next day. It’s like losing your grandfather and having a funeral attendee talk your ear off about how he should’ve taken better care of himself.

So true. So painfully, painfully true.