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Welcome to the Pride: Xylan Treesong!

Say hello to our newest writer, Xylan Treesong!

We've added another voice to the Pride of Detroit team! Lost in the Great Hires of 2015 was Xylan Treesong, who was in the middle of being hired when Sean Yuille was stepping down and I was stepping in. Anyway, please welcome Xylan to the team! Here's a little bit about him from the man himself:

"I grew up in Metro Detroit, and continue to live there now, working as an instructor in job retraining. I'm excited to join POD as an analyst, to get new perspectives, and explore new avenues. I've written a number of analyses on Reddit in both /r/NFL and /r/detroitlions. In my spare time, I like to cook, play board games with friends, and am taking up biking again.

With a passion for numbers, I am finishing my degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics. I've had a passing interest in the Lions since I was young, but didn't get really involved until later on in life. Going through statistics, and doing basic data analysis has always been very relaxing for me, given how regimented and ordered numbers are. Since football statistics tend to be lacking, disorganized, or not set up for individual analysis, I would find myself importing the data myself and doing my own analyses. From there, my interest grew, especially in the Lions (for obvious, geographical, reasons). Now, my goal is to develop statistics that are useful, accessible, and meaningful for the average person."

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