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Lions training camp: Jim Caldwell's quotes from Day 2

On Day 2 of training camp, Jim Caldwell spoke about Darryl Tapp, Laken Tomlinson, George Winn, the young defensive tackles and much more.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Day 2 of training camp. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

Opening Statement: "Good afternoon. I would begin by saying, we got a little heat. Need a little bit more to come get these guys in a little bit more of summer shape. But, they're doing well, they're working hard and today the pace of practice was good. Certainly, we had a lot of red zone work today as you could see as we've been working on a lot of situational football. Obviously, we still got a long ways to go. I'll open up for any questions."

On the value of going off site to practice: "There's quite a few things, but just a couple, it gives us a chance to - a little bit different atmosphere. It's almost like a road trip during the early part of preseason training so it disrupts things a little bit in a good way. It makes them change their focus. It makes them have to concentrate, a little change in footing because the field we're going to be using is a turf field. We get a great opportunity to have some folks maybe in the suburbs and in the city have an opportunity to see us up close and personal."

On what he has scheduled during the day tomorrow: "We typically have our meetings at night. So, instead of having our meetings at night because we're practicing at night we'll do them in between, so that takes up the bulk of the day."

On how he picked Novi High School: "We look at a number of different sites and we sort of just spread it around. Gives us a chance to kind of get in different areas and we'll do more in the future as well."

On if there was a specific process for choosing the location: "Obviously, we look at different areas to make certain that they're suitable for our guys and that we have families out there strong as well. So it just gives us a chance to get a little different atmosphere, a little different location."

On DE Darryl Tapp and what he adds to the defensive line: "He had some pretty important things to do for us last year too. He stepped up in some key situations and played well. He's a very, very talented guy that has been around a long time. He's versatile, smart, energetic, day after day after day he's the same. You can certainly hear his rally cry in the building and out here on the field and he does a great job of setting the tone for our guys on the defensive front. He gives us what we need in the run game. He's a tough competitor there and then also obviously, he's slippery in terms of the pass game as well with his pass rush."

On G Laken Tomlinson getting first team reps before practicing in pads: "This time of year you like a more of - particularly with no pads and things of that nature you look at more of the rep count than anything else. But, he did the same thing in the spring, we did a little bit of both rotation and that'll continue to happen."

On RB George Winn: "He was a great role player for us last year. He did play some for us obviously, in special teams. He did a little bit of work for us out of the backfield and George is a hard-working, tough guy. He comes back in great shape. He does everything you ask him to do. Gives you everything he's got and so it's a competitive situation that he's in, but I think he's up for the challenge."

On how valuable it is for young players like DT's Gabe Wright, Tyrunn Walker and Caraun Reid to get reps: "It's extremely important. Every rep they get this time of year makes a difference in terms of their experience level. Obviously, I think with some of the guys that are out right now gives a few of them a few more opportunities and I think down the road that's going to help us."

On WR Calvin Johnson understanding his ‘look' of unhappiness over yesterday's diving catch: "Not certain about penetrating, but I usually have my sunglasses on so I don't know if they can all tell exactly where I'm looking. But, I think that it kind of shows that we emphasize certain things and we try to follow through on making certain those happen, but the guys do a good job of trying to stay up. He's so competitive that sometimes he has to go get the ball."

On TE Eric Ebron: "It looks like he's heading in the right direction. One of the things that's difficult is this arena is different, it's difficult, it's challenging. You have to have everything in order. Your off the field routine in terms of your preparation offseason. Your in-season routine as well, as how you function on the field and be really, really, consistent to be able to perform well in this league. I think he's moving in that direction. He shows that he has ability to play, he's shown flashes, but he's also gotten his body in great shape. He worked extremely hard during both breaks after the season was over with, before coming back in the spring and then during the summer as well, committed. So, I think when you can stack those kinds of years back-to-back-to-back you'll get to the point where you'll have a pretty consistent performance."

On TE Brandon Pettigrew: "I think he is one of those guys that he does exactly what's required of him, what's asked of him and he certainly can do more. The year before he caught several more passes and things of that nature, but I think whatever we ask him to do he'll be able to do. There's only one ball. There's only so many passes. We've got a lot of guys that want it and need it and so we'll try to spread it around a little bit."

On Lions Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager Martin Mayhew's comment on Ebron's readiness and if coaching has been a contributing factor: "We have a responsibility in every aspect with these guys. If they're going to be good at what they do we have to show them the way, that's our job. Sometimes that takes a little coaxing and nurturing, but I think they get it. Those that want to get it will get it, but not all of them do. But, I think he's one that's headed in the right direction."

On if he believes that Ebron has ‘gotten it': "No, I said he works through it. Nobody's arrived yet. There's not a guy in this league that's arrived. Everybody's getting better. I think you get to the point after a while, if you've been in the league where eight, nine years that guys have a routine down pretty well. Darryl Tapp has a real good routine. Understands the nature of the business. Understands the media. Understands what he's supposed to do in the locker room, those kinds of things. Young guys haven't experienced all those yet, but I think he's headed in the right direction."

On LB DeAndre Levy putting football first: "I think all of them take that posture. Particularly, once the season has started. During the offseason, there's a lot of those things that are going on where they're real focused in on trying to make this team better. We certainly appreciate his effort and his focus. He's an unusual guy and obviously, he's played extremely well for us and we anticipate the same this year."

On WR Corey Fuller's size and how important it is to have him on the outside: "His speed, his ability to stretch the field for us, one-on-one matchups, obviously he can give you some problems. He's also a very good blocker. Does a great job in terms of the run game so he's a pretty versatile guy and I think you can see him getting better and better just in terms of his route running and things of that nature and he shows up for us. I anticipate him battling and doing well."

On if the key for Fuller has been improving his routes: "It's always a focus at that position. You have to refine it. You have to get an understanding of what you can do physically. You have to understand what your traits are in relationship to the guys in which you play and how to use it to your advantage. I think a guy gets to a point where he understands those and he's getting there. He runs routes hard. He's a diligent worker, committed and we certainly like what we see in him."

On what more Levy can do: "We'd like him to do much of the same that he's been doing. Anytime you make over a 100 and some odd tackles and do a great job of leading. He doesn't say much. He's one of the guys that-it's a mark of a true leader is a man that can lead himself. He can lead himself and so he sets a great standard for us. What he's been doing has been outstanding so he helps us rise to a little different level defensively."

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