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Lions training camp: Jim Caldwell's quotes from Day 3

On Day 3 of training camp, Jim Caldwell spoke about taking practice on the road, DeAndre Levy's contract extension and much more.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Day 3 of training camp. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

Opening Statement: "We have a great night tonight, a little different than last year around this time when we had some rain to contend with, but it cleared up. But we're starting out on a great note tonight. Obviously, I think you guys know what we do from year to year that we try to find different places to go and to practice. Here obviously is a place where we have not come since I've been here, out in this particular portion of the metro area. But I think you can see they have great facilities here, we're appreciative of them allowing us to come out, and also it's a pretty good fan base out this way as well. Now I'll open it up to any questions."

On the benefit of practicing on the road: "Well, we try to stagger our times and practice. They fluctuate, and they have to number one make certain they know exactly what the schedule is. Number two, it gets them out of their comfort zone and forces them to go on the road a little bit. Timing is different, preparation is different just like it is on the road for the most part, and they still have to perform. So it's just an opportunity for a mini road trip."

On what he is looking for with players in pads tonight: "Well, you know, we're still looking for crispness. We're not going to see a bunch of guys on the ground. If we do, then obviously we aren't quite where we want to be. You're going to see some, but for the most part practices should operate the exact same way they've been operating, but with a little more crispness because when you don't have pads on, it's tough for linemen to come off the ball in the way in which they should or which they're capable of doing. So we get a chance to assess that a little bit more this evening."

On LB DeAndre Levy agreeing to terms on a contract extension: "Obviously, to have his services for an extended period of time, a guy that's as productive as he is. He's quite a talent, he's the kind of guy we like in our organization, just a tremendous person, but also one that sets a great standard for the rest of the group. He's one of the guys I really like also because of the fact that he is ‘more deeds than words' and he puts them into action. So he's quite a guy, and we're glad to have him."

On what makes Levy great: "He's instinctive. Number one, he's an extremely hard worker. I had a conversation with him this morning in the weight room early, and he has a routine that's unnatural because he works so hard and so well. But you can see his body is fine-tuned, he knows himself, but then also he studies. He studies the game, works at it, tries to be the absolute best he can be and I think that translates. And you'll see that show up on Sundays and Mondays whenever we play."

On having to account for Levy on the field when he previously coached as an offensive coordinator: "You had to know absolutely where he was and you know he's going to be a factor. Typically if you just watch the ball, he's going to show up pretty quickly."

On if there is relief after agreeing to terms with Levy: "You know, the nature of the business is that those things happen. This is not utopia, right? The norm is that it could go either way. I've been through a number of different ones through my years, and some get done quickly and some take a while."

On DT Jerel Worthy's potential: "He's a young, talented guy who has some upside. So, we'll have a chance to look at him and see what he does on the field. He should be out here this evening."

On CB Nevin Lawson's movement on the field: "He's doing well. Thus far, without pads and those kinds of things he's moving well, so we'll continue to assess him as we go, but he looks good."

On having a road practice earlier in camp as opposed to later in camp: "You know, we take it whenever we can get it, you know what I mean? And oftentimes, it's always usually early in camp. Typically every year it kind of depends on the schedule. We were able to move our location every once in a while. It gives us a little bit of break. But right now it's right for us, and we've had a number of guys that have been with us, so it's good to get them out of that comfort zone a little bit."

On if there is a competition for kickoffs this season: "I'm sure it'll probably be batted around for quite some time, you know? Sam (Martin) does a great job of it. We'll see, we'll see what happens, but the number of touchbacks he had last year were pretty impressive. But the great thing is that we have choices, we have options, we have flexibility."

On having road practices as opposed to moving the entire training camp: "We've done this a number of different times, and sometimes even when we went away we've made adjustments in the spring to go to different facilities and different locations. So one way or another we always get it in. We would've done it during OTAs or something if we weren't able to do it this fall. So, it's just kind of part of what we believe in doing. We think it does add something to our practices. Night practices are always fun, particularly when you get good crowds like this."

On his preference to be in Allen Park for Training Camp: "I'm not certain where you're leading me with that, but here's the fact of the matter. We love where we are, we can function where we are extremely well, but things like this where we move away are things by design. We want to do it. If we didn't want to do them, if we wanted to be there, we would stay there. This is something we want to do. We think it enhances our preparation."

On clarifying if there is a competition at the kickoff spot: "We have flexibility, you know? And to be honest with you, we aren't going out here trying to determine whether or not Sam (Martin) is going to be unseated. Sam was excellent at what he does. Look at the production, and unless there is somebody who is going to out-produce him, but right now that's going to be tough to do."

On if any injury statuses have changed: "No, no changes."

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