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Fantasy football: Best Week 1 options for FanDuel

Let's take a look around the league for some of the best value in Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season, free from jersey color bias.

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Editor's Note: FanDuel is running a $1,000,000 fantasy football league in week 1. The Top 46,000 teams win cash with $100,000 paid to first place. Join now!

Finally, real football is kicking off tonight in Foxborough, Massachusetts and everybody is already facing tough decisions when it comes to their fantasy team. Without Le'Veon Bell, is DeAngelo Williams worth a shot in Pittsburgh? How about the Patriots' backfield, do you bother playing that proverbial fantasy crane game and sink your money into that headache? Whether or not you've drafted a fantasy team this year, FanDuel's weekly leagues give you a chance to win some serious coin without the season long commitment to a group of players. So, regardless of whether or not you traded DeAndre Hopkins for Kelvin Benjamin this off-season -- only to find yourself shedding tears in a Target parking lot to the video of his ACL exploding -- FanDuel can supplement your fantasy fix without all the constraints of traditional fantasy football. Let's take a look at some of the best bang for your buck in Week 1!

Aaron Rodgers at $9,700

Now, he may seem pricy -- he is the most expensive quarterback this week -- and he is without his top target from a year ago, but does it really matter? Earlier this week, the Packers fluffed up their receiving core with the addition of a familiar face, James Jones. Randall Cobb is healthy and should be ready to go, and third year receiver Davante Adams has been a popular candidate for a breakout season in 2015, even before the Nelson injury. He also gets the tire fire that is the Chicago Bears defense, so Rodgers is a good start and worth opening up your piggy bank for.

Sam Bradford at $7,500

If you're looking to budget your money at quarterback, and you want a chance to start Sam Bradford and take advantage of how great he's looked in the preseason, this is the week to do it. The Eagles get a chance to pick on a new head coach in Week 1 as they travel to Atlanta to take on a Falcons defense that ranked 27th last season and hasn't done a ton to improve itself. Also, the last time Bradford played the Falcons in Atlanta, he threw for 352 yards and 3 touchdowns in 2013. Start him now, or wait and hope Pope Francis gets to Philly in time to bless his knees.

Jeremy Hill at $8,600

Jeremy Hill won the starting job last year when Giovanni Bernard went down with a hip injury in Week 8, and the rookie runner never gave it back. So entering this season, it may seem even a bit risky to put all your trust into Hill with the threat of Gio waiting to vulture carries from the sophomore running back at the first sign of trouble. However, this week, Hill and the price tag he wears is a great start against a Raiders team that ranked 22nd in rushing defense last year.

Doug Martin at $6,900

C'mon, it's okay. It's entirely possible and highly likely you've been one of the many fantasy players spurned by the hamster at some point during your fantasy playing days, but let's see what he has to offer this week against a putrid Tennessee Titans defense that ranked 31st overall, gave up 137.2 rushing yards a game and 17 touchdowns a year ago. With Jameis Winston under center, look for Lovie Smith and company to ease the rookie quarterback into his first full game of professional football with a running attack they go to early and often.

Julio Jones at $9,000

At FanDuel, you typically don't see many wide receivers command a price like this, but when they do, you know something's up. If you didn't break the bank for a big name running back and quarterback, Julio Jones against Philadelphia is a no-brainer if you're looking for some serious value from the wide receiver position. The two worst passing defenses from last year, Philadelphia (31st) and Atlanta (32nd), square off in Week 1 and the result should be a shootout. With new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in town, look for Julio to get vertical and targeted often as the running game in Atlanta is a work in progress.

Davante Adams at $5,500

Adams is currently the same price as rookie wideout Kevin White. For those of you with a limited internet connection and unsure of who Kevin White is, he's the rookie wide receiver for the Chicago Bears who happens to be on IR with a stress fracture in his shin. If you decided to put Rodgers in your lineup, Adams, who will certainly not be this price for the rest of the year, is a total steal and a dynamite way to cash in on the QB/WR dynamic.

John Brown at $6,000

If Davante Adams isn't wearing the color of jersey you're particularly fond of, and you're already nauseous from Rodgers filling your quarterback spot, John Brown John Brown is a great value at $6,000. Michael Floyd is questionable to start this week with ailing fingers in his left hand, which could open up an opportunity for Brown to be targeted often against a porous Saints' pass defense.

Greg Olsen at $5,900

Ted Ginn Jr. and Philly Brown are the receivers Cam Newton has the joy to look forward to throwing to this week and the foreseeable future. Greg Olsen, a top three fantasy tight end last year, is a consistent and reliable target that Cam should be scrambling to find all day Sunday against Jacksonville. Look for him to be an option going forward as well as rookie Devin Funchess helps take some of the eyes off of Olsen.

Matt Bryant at $5,000

I mentioned earlier how Philly and Atlanta is going to be a shootout, so that means there will be a lot of field goals and extra point attempts, right? I mean, I guess? It's a kicker. Pick one that's going to be indoors and is cheap.

Cincinnati Bengals at $4,600

They have a healthy Geno Atkins, they don't cost much and they get to play the Raiders. Amari Cooper can only do so much, and don't save me a seat on the Latavius Murray bandwagon. Sounds like a winner to me.

For you fantasy football addicts, SB Nation is hosting a FanDuel league every week. To join, sign up for FanDuel and click HERE to join SB Nation's league.

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