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The PODcast Episode #2

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We're back. It's a new episode, this one trying to figure out what happened in San Diego and what positives can be seen.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

We're still trying out some new things and next week I intend to get some fun new segments involved. This is the second podcast in what will be the pre-feed era (ha, we have eras for this now). You should find this on iTunes soon enough. I hope to have Stitcher running eventually. And soon, we'll have actual organized, structured coherent segments to talk about your Detroit Lions.

For now, it's myself, Ryan Mathews, and Jeremy Reisman; we're out here talking, having fun, and revisiting the horror show down in San Diego. We take what positives we can out of the game too, however. We also looked ahead to Minnesota and preview the upcoming game against the Vikings on Sunday.

Go ahead and give it a listen. We're settled in on BlogTalkRadio, and expect to hear some cool stuff too. I'm going to try to have something set up in time so that you, the listener, can get your own words and questions in for the PODcast and we'll gladly tackle them. Again, look for the feed to show up on iTunes shortly, and we'll work on other platforms soon. Thanks for all your support and patience in getting this launched!

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