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Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings: Staff picks

A look at our predictions for Sunday's game between the Lions and Vikings. Don't forget to add your prediction.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

With the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings looking to avoid an 0-2 hole, here are our predictions for Sunday's game.

Jeremy Reisman (0-1): 20-17 Lions

Christopher Tomke (0-1): 20-13 Lions

Joseph Buszek (0-1): 24-21 Lions

Drew Erickson (0-1): 23-20 Lions

Chris Lemieux (1-0): 17-13 Lions

Alex Reno (0-1): 31-27 Lions

Brian Packey (1-0): 31-24 Lions

John Cherette (0-1): 23-13 Lions

Ryan Matthews (0-1): 45-28 Lions

Solomon Williams (0-0): 27-24 Vikings

Justin Simon (0-1): 28-24 Lions

Kyle Yost (0-1): 28-13 Lions

Andrew Keating (1-0): 24-20 Lions

Aaron Meckes (0-1): 24-23 Vikings

Now it's your turn to predict. Pride of Detroit ranked 21st among SB Nation blogs in Week 1 predictions. Considering that the Lions lost, that's actually not too bad. Let's jump to the top of the leaderboards this week. Add you prediction below, and don't forget to add it in our "On Paper' comment section for a chance at a fake prize.