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DeAndre Levy injury: Chili's made wrong decision not dispelling rumor

Big misteak [sic], Chili's!

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

DeAndre Levy will not play in Week 2 due to a mysterious hip injury that has kept him sidelined for almost a month. The Lions have kept mum about the injury, refusing to elaborate on the severity of the injury or any timetable as to when Levy can be expected back. We can't see it, so something is definitely up ... inside.

On Friday, Lions head coach Jim Caldwell was presented with a rumor as exotic as Levy's offseason travels, that Levy is dealing with a parasite he contracted in the South American country of Chile. Caldwell would not address this rumor and was agitated it even came up. Well, like any rumor, if it's 100-percent false and sheer silliness, Caldwell was mistaken to not refute the report.

Another extremely plausible story floating around out there is that Levy hurt his hip in a slip-and-fall accident at the casual international restaurant Chili's. Chili's, like Caldwell, refused to dispel the rumor.

Now, Chili's could be facing a lawsuit here, so choosing to plead the fifth until receiving lawyer's orders is usually smart, but saying nothing allows the rumor to swell, like someone going into anaphylactic shock after ingesting a bunch of red-hot peppers. It provides no answers and lends credence to rampant speculation. Did Levy fall at a Chili's? Did Levy have a bout with IBS after eating Chili's and not use the proper technique in wiping, straining his hip in the process? Is this Jeremy Reisman's fault? Wait, was it Cheli's Chili Bar and not a Chili's? What do Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Super Bowl have to do with this? We have to ask these questions; these are the rules in doing our jerbs. The Lions understand this.

Unfortunately, no comments and evasive answers mean more questions popping up, like Chili's chains.