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NFL Week 3 power rankings: Lions dropping fast

After two disappointing losses, most experts consider the Detroit Lions among one of the worst teams in the league.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

After Sunday's loss, the Detroit Lions find themselves 0-2 and at the bottom of the NFC North. After dropping games in San Diego and Minnesota, the Lions are now among nine winless teams in the league. Unsurprisingly, experts now consider them one of the worst teams in the league (except CBS, who strangely bumped the Lions up three spots after the loss). Here's specifically where the Lions rank.

  • SB Nation: 23rd (down four spots)
  • 24th (down eight spots)
  • ESPN: 24th (down four spots)
  • CBS Sports: 19th (up three spots)
  • FOX Sports: 25th (down seven spots)
  • Yahoo! Sports: 21st (down five spots)
  • Detroit has an uphill battle ahead of them, as the Denver Broncos come to town this week. Denver is 2-0 and widely considered one of the best teams in the NFL. They rank in the top six in all of the power ranking listed (SB Nation - 3rd; - 5th; ESPN - 5th; CBS - 6th; FOX - 3rd; Yahoo! - 3rd). If the Lions want to avoid an 0-3 hole, they are going to have to pull a pretty big upset.