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How the Lions' future opponents fared in Week 2

A look at how the Lions' future opponents fared in Week 2.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions 2015 schedule looked pretty daunting going into the season. Let's see how things have progressed in two weeks.

Week 3 vs. Broncos (2-0) - beat Chiefs, 31-24

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos pulled off a shocking comeback against the Chiefs on the road Thursday night. After giving up the go-ahead touchdown with just 2:27 left in the game, Manning lead the team on a 80-yard drive to tie the game. As both teams prepared for overtime, Jamaal Charles fumbled on the Chiefs' next snap and Denver returned it for the game-winning touchdown. Manning and the Broncos' offense have had a modest start to the season, but Denver's defense looks nasty.

Week 4 at Seahawks (0-2) - lost to Packers, 17-27

The Seahawks are looking for answers, as they, too, have failed to find their first win of the season. Things were looking good as they took a 17-16 lead into the fourth quarter against the Packers, but they failed to score a point in the final frame and Aaron Rodgers led the Packers back to a big primetime win.

Week 5 vs. Cardinals (2-0) - beat Bears, 48-23

The Cardinals beat up a bad Bears team on the road last Sunday. Larry Fitzgerald looked like the receiver of old, hauling in 112 yards and three touchdowns against a poor Bears defense. It's hard to read too much into this game, as the Bears are struggling mightily, but the Cardinals did what good teams to: beat up on bad teams.

Week 6 vs. Bears (0-2) - lost to Cardinals, 23-48

See above. Jay Cutler is injured and the Bears are in big trouble.

Week 7 vs. Vikings (1-1) - beat Lions, 26-16

We all saw what happened last week between the Lions and the Vikings. Adrian Peterson returned to form, while the Lions continued their slide from last year.

Week 8 at (in London) Chiefs (1-1) - lost to Broncos, 24-31

The Chiefs have to be beating themselves up after letting a huge division victory slip through their hands at home. That being said, the Chiefs still look like a good team. They held the Broncos in check for most of the game, and they have a good thing going with Jamaal Charles in the running game. Without the five costly turnovers, the Chiefs probably win that game handily.

Week 10 at Packers (2-0) - beat Seahawks, 27-17

The Packers are humming along nicely to the top of the NFC North. While their offense has looked modest and their defense mediocre, Green Bay pulled out a big win against the Seahawks in Week 2. There may be concern, though, as Eddie Lacy is getting treatment on his ankle. Green Bay may not be the behemoth of the division, but with only one win between their three competitors, they look to be in good shape right now.

Week 11 vs. Raiders (1-1) - beat Ravens, 37-33

The Raiders pulled off one of the biggest upsets of Week 2, taking down the Ravens on a last-minute touchdown. Oakland's offense looked surprisingly potent, with Derek Carr totalling 351 yards and three TDs. This is in stark contrast to the Raiders' Week 1 performance against the Bengals, where they totaled just 183 passing yards, and didn't score a point until the fourth quarter.

Week 12 vs. Eagles (0-2) - lost to Cowboys, 10-20

Chip Kelly and the Eagles offense just can't seem to find any rhythm this season. The running game has to be the biggest disappointment as newly-acquired DeMarco Murray has 11 yards on 21 carries. Yes, you read that right, he is averaging less than a yard per carry this season.

Week 13 vs. Packers (2-0) - beat Seahawks, 27-17

See above.

Week 14 at Rams (1-1) - lost to Redskins, 10-24

After a huge, in-division win against the Seahawks in Week 1, the Rams were a huge disappointment on the road in Washington. The offense only managed 213 total yards, while the highly-touted defense allowed Washington to rush for 182 yards and two TDs.

Week 15 at Saints (0-2) - lost to Buccaneers, 19-26

Reports that the Saints will turn things around in 2015 appear to be highly premature. The Saints offense had trouble getting things going, only scoring seven point through three quarters. They nearly pulled their way out of a 23-7 hole in the fourth quarter, but their comeback fell short after Drew Brees' potential game-tying pass from the Bucs' 27-yard line fell incomplete.

Week 16 vs. 49ers (1-1) - lost to Steelers, 18-43

After a shocking win over the Vikings in Week 1, everything fell apart for the 49ers last week. The Steelers ran up 453 yards of total offense (a whopping 8.7 yards per play), and converted five trips to the red zone into five touchdowns. The 49ers offense performed pretty well, but after allowing five sacks, San Francisco failed to turn yards into points.

Week 17 at Bears (0-2) - lost to Cardinals, 23-48

See above.