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Lions notes: Matthew Stafford sick of losing to Green Bay

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Today's Lions notes covers Matthew Stafford's disdain for losing to the Packers, Ameer Abdullah's thoughts on the running back depth, and the SB Nation NFL preview

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

  • Ameer Abdullah blogged about his thoughts on the running back crew for the Detroit Lions. It's an interesting read on the chemistry and personalities of those guys.
  • Me, too, Matthew. Me, too:
  • For those wondering how the roster may look after Saturday's final cuts, here's how many players at each positions the Lions kept on the team last year:
  • ESPN ranked the top 100 players in 2015. Calvin Johnson came in sixth, exactly tied with Dez Bryant.
  • Our own Justin Simon took his turn with the fellas over at the Lions Central Radio podcast. Give it a listen, especially if you're in the mood for some Kool-Aid.
  • SB Nation released their beautiful NFL preview on Wednesday. The Lions came in at 12th in their power rankings. There's also an nice article on why Ezekiel Ansah is primed to break out this year.