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Top 5 fans from Sunday's Detroit Lions vs. Denver Broncos game

The Detroit Lions released a neat 360 degree high-resolution picture of all the fans at Sunday's game. Here are the top fans we found.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the Detroit Lions released a neat 360 degree photo of Ford Field and all of the fans in it. You can interact with the picture here and even tag yourself if you were at the game. I toyed around with the picture for good 30 minutes and found my five favorite fan moments in the picture.

Denver fans are feeling high

denver high

View the moment here

I'm not sure if this is a play on "Rocky Mountain High" or the fact that Colorado recently legalized marijuana, but either way, this seems like a weird place to proclaim your "highness." But kudos to this fan expressing their emotions and sharing their hastily drawn mountains with the world.



View the moment here

I love this moment so much for several reasons. First, both parties involved here could not look more disinterested in the fact that one is getting slapped and one is doing the slapping. Like this is some sort of weird kink in their relationship that has clearly run its course. Then there's the annoyed friend to the left wearing the "I can't even" face who is sick of their playful shenanigans. Okay, the woman is probably just rubbing her significant other's face, but let me have my stories, dangit.

Jersey bust


View the moment here

I included this moment, because it baffles me so much as to why you would bother bringing this jersey to a game. I get that you shelled out $80 for a Joey Harrington jersey back in the day and don't want it to go to waste. And I get that by putting the "BUST" on the front you are getting ahead of any potential hecklers making fun of your jersey. But wouldn't this all be easier to just buy a plain $15 Lions t-shirt? Why walk around wearing a reminder of a terrible draft pick from your favorite team? I just don't understand these self-hating jerseys.

Random discontent Browns fan


View the moment here

Why are you here? Why are you wearing a Browns jersey? Did you come by yourself? Do you need a hug? So many questions. Zero answers.

Facepalm guy


View the moment here

You knew there would be one. We feel you, bud.

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