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Who is the Detroit Lions' best fantasy football bargain?

A look at some Detroit Lions players that bring great value to your fantasy football team.

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The NFL season is less than a week away, which means fantasy football season is finally here! If you're looking for some last-minute tips for your draft, or are building a team on Fanduel, here are some tips on who you can snag for good value.

Golden Tate at $7,100 (t-22nd among WRs)

Tate had a dominant preseason and had the seventh-most receiving yards last year. Obviously, with a healthy Calvin Johnson, you'd expect his numbers to go down a bit this year, but I wouldn't expect a huge dip in his production. He's clearly developed a chemistry with Matthew Stafford.

Eric Ebron at $5,000 (t-22nd among TEs)

Ebron will almost certainly have a significant increase in production in his sophomore season. The question is how big will the leap be this year? Still, with the potential upside of Ebron being enormous, he's much better value than say, Troy Niklas, who costs the same, but is battling through injuries.

Detroit Lions defense at $4,300 (t-14th among defenses)

Everyone is bearish on the Lions defense after losing Ndamukong Suh. But don't be fooled, this defense will still be extremely disruptive with players like DeAndre Levy, Haloti Ngata and Darius Slay on the roster. The fact that you can get the Lions defense for cheaper than the Green Bay defense is laughable. Swipe them up!

Joique Bell at $6,500 (t-29th among RBs)

I know, I know. You can get Ameer Abdullah for just $600 cheaper. But if we're talking early season value, Bell is going to get a lot more touches than Abdullah off the bat. Joique isn't going to put up explosive numbers, but he's a touchdown threat and right now he's the team's No. 1 back.

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