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POLL: Who will be the Detroit Lions' rookie of the year?

Vote on who you think will be the Detroit Lions' rookie of the year!

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In preparation for the start of the 2015 regular season, our writers and editors predicted how the Detroit Lions will look this year. Make your own predictions by voting in the poll at the bottom of this post.

Next up: Who will be the Lions' rookie of the year?

Justin Simon: Ameer Abdullah

I’m not sure Ameer Abdullah will be quite as good in reality as his hype has been through the preseason, but I still think he’s going to make an impact as a rookie, either as a rusher, pass catcher, or return man. He’s too good not to get on the field early and often this season.

Joseph Buszek: Ameer Abdullah


Alex Reno: Ameer Abdullah

Put me down for Zach Zenner Ameer Abdullah, no question. Abdullah and Laken Tomlinson are likely going to be the two biggest rookie contributors on the team this year and I expect Abdullah to have a more significant role than we're used to seeing from rookie running backs. If I was a betting man (I am), I'd say that Abdullah could earn north of 1200 all-purpose yards this year, barring injuries.

Chris Tomke: Ameer Abdullah

I have to imagine we all picked him, right? You don’t just make guys miss completely in a phone booth. He could honestly end the season as the team’s third leading receiver.

Ryan Mathews: Ameer Abdullah

I wasn’t entirely sure how to build a case for Laken Tomlinson being the Lions’ rookie of the year in a paragraph, so I’ll make the sexy pick that I assume every Lions’ fan with internet access is making, but with a caveat: the Lions’ rookie of the year has to be Ameer Abdullah if the team hopes to compete for a playoff spot in 2015. Over the past two seasons, Reggie Bush was the shot in the arm the offense needed out of the running back position; the ying to Joique Bell’s yang. When the Lions looked their most dangerous and potent on offense, it was Bush’s dynamic play out of the backfield that seemed to be the spark -- a spark that even Jahvid Best showed flashes of in his short time here. If Abdullah can come close to replicating the effectiveness that a healthy Reggie Bush from the past couple of years provided, then this offense should shape up to be one of the best in the entire league.

Kyle Yost: Ameer Abdullah

Some eyebrows were raised when the Lions drafted a running back in the second round, thinking that the team had bigger areas of concern. However, Ameer Abdullah has done nothing but impress since joining the team and has easily justified this decision. While it remains to be seen how the carries distribution shakes out, Abdullah looks to be the electric back that the Lions had hoped Jahvid Best and Reggie Bush could be. He might be the obvious pick, but Ameer Abdullah is the prime candidate to be the rookie of the year for the Lions...and maybe the NFL.

Drew Erickson: Ameer Abdullah

I mean, who else is there? Abdullah has brought about as much excitement as any Lions rookie in recent memory, and I expect him to get plenty of touches on the field. He looks to be a very decisive runner and hits the hole hard when he makes that decision. Coaches have been surprised about how good he’s been in the passing game, and it’s not out of the question he factors into the return game as well. His biggest college issue seemed to be fumbles, so as long as that doesn’t keep him off the field -- which I don’t think it will -- the Nebraska product has a chance to meet the enormous expectations fans have put on him. Laken Tomlinson was a close second for me, who should be able to hold his own and more right away.

Christopher Lemieux: Ameer Abdullah
This isn't even a question. The question you should be asking is what his proper nickname among the Lions Nation will be. It'll be one heck of a battle to settle on anything universal. At Nebraska the go-to was #FearAmeer. I humbly suggest you title this man, should he set the league on fire, as "Abdullah the Butcher."

Brian Packey: Ameer Abdullah

I think Abdullah won the award after his first seven carries in the preseason. I believe Laken Tomlinson will do a fine job, but a healthy Abdullah will run away with this award.

Jeremy Reisman: Ameer Abdullah

Sorry, Laken Tomlinson. Guards aren't sexy.