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Ernie Accorsi to stay with Lions as presidential advisor

The Detroit Lions announced on Sunday Ernie Accorsi would be staying with the franchise.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

In a surprising move, the Detroit Lions announced that Ernie Accorsi would stay under the organization as a special advisor to team president Rod Wood.

Accorsi was hired in November to help assist in the general manager search for the franchise. It was presumed after the Lions finished their search, Accorsi would move on, as he has with other teams in the past.

Before being a team advisor, Accorsi had served as the general manager for Giants (1998-2007) and the Baltimore Colts (1982-1983).

Accorsi would not provide an update on Jim Caldwell's status as head coach:

Accorsi's role is still unclear, but with Rod Wood unfamiliar with football decisions, having Accorsi as a full-time advisor seems like a good move.

UPDATE: Accorsi explained his role a little more clearly with the media on Sunday: