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Lions notes: A rundown of Ernie Accorsi's teleconference

Ernie Accorsi spoke with the media on Sunday. Here are the important tidbits.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

On Sunday, Ernie Accorsi spoke with the media to discuss his new role with the team, the Detroit Lions' process in hiring new general manager Bob Quinn and Martha Ford. Here's a breakdown of the teleconference:

  • When Accorsi met Quinn, he immediately knew he was a Star, Man:
  • Contrary to initial reports, Quinn interviewed twice with the Lions before Detroit hired him.

  • Accorsi would not speculate if the Lions are going to Move On from Jim Caldwell:
  • On what made Quinn a good Candidate for the GM job:
  • Accorsi's new job as an advisor to team president Rod Wood won't result in any Changes to Quinn's role as general manager:
  • It didn't take the Lions a lot of Time to garner interest in the Lions GM job:
  • On Martha Ford's role in the GM search: