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New Lions GM Bob Quinn will meet with Stafford and Johnson

At the press conference details were made regarding the futures of the two Lions superstars and Jim Caldwell's fate.

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The initial press conference is over. Bob Quinn was introduced to the general media on Monday. Only once did he let slip a well-honed South Boston accent when he tried to say the word "junior." Beyond that, his accent and his words played to the Detroit crowd (really? Automotive industry?) while giving little concrete information onto what he was planning. But that's also enough for many Lions fans, to have something to cling to.

But important crumbs did fall from the table. In particular, Bob Quinn claims he plans to meet with two Lions in particular before wading into the future. Many questions were asked about Jim Caldwell, and while Quinn evaded most of them, he did admit that he plans to meet with quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson before rendering any verdict.

In the press conference, Quinn also called Stafford the "future" of the Lions franchise, and spoke briefly about whether or not he will discuss Calvin Johnson's future with him.

"A couple weeks after a season is over is not time to push a player into staying or going," he claimed in regards to Calvin Johnson's future seemingly hanging in the balance after reports last week surfaced that the wide receiver could potentially be looking to walk away from football. It seems clear that Bob Quinn hopes to speak with Megatron on the matter, but how much influence or sway he will have is up for debate.

The decision to speak with Matthew Stafford about the fate of Jim Caldwell speaks to a desire to keep the players on his side, although it could also be seen as a positive for Caldwell given how Matt has spoken about the current head coach in the past. Indeed, Caldwell seems to remain popular with the entire Lions team, and meeting with two veterans of that locker room may reinforce the notion to the new general manager. It would be an interesting counterpoint as more and more reports surface that Caldwell's future in Detroit becomes less guaranteed.

For the time being, direct interaction between Quinn and Caldwell has been extremely limited.

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