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The PODcast #17: Playoffs, Bob Quinn, and reader questions

The resident Pride Of Detroit podcast starts off with some twang and talks about a scorned Southie accent.

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It's still the offseason. Yes, dear readers/listeners, it's still the offseason. Your excitement is barely contained. I know. Let's get you into the PODcast for your fill.

The resident Lions podcast of Pride Of Detroit, the PODcast (see because it's POD that stands for Pride Of Detroit really) is here for another week and it's myself, Alex Reno and Ryan Mathews on this ride. That's the LIT crew if you've been following the PODcast long enough, and as to be expected this one gets a little LIT.

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Things we talk about this week:

  • Playoffs? PLAYOFFS? You wanna talk about PLAYOFFS? Okay sure. We'll recap the wild card week, a heartbreak in Minnesota, and thoughts about the tussle in Cincinnati that may or may not have been a football game.
  • More playoffs?! We discuss the upcoming divisional round, our thoughts on all of them. The best storylines, oddities and more. Who we're picking, and all that jazz.
  • Bob Quinn, the new Lions general manager. What can we talk about? What do we know? What are we supposed to know? Where did that "Jooniah" come from, and can we get more of it?
  • Cut it loose! It's question time. Cut it loose! Questions are the best. We talk about teams we will never root for, ice cream and drugs for analogies, and what we would do in a grim dark future where the Lions move away from Detroit.

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