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Lions hire Kyle O'Brien, Jaguars college scouting director, as director of player personnel

A former Patriots scout of ten years, O'Brien has worked with the Jaguars to bring in some top talent.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Lost in the commotion of Jim Caldwell being retained for a third year as the head coach of the Detroit Lions, newly minted general manager Bob Quinn (who is still suppressing his Boston accent and really just needs to take the advice of Jim Bob Cooter and cut it loose) got out to pound the streets and collect a few more members for his front office cabal.

Wanting to fill the spot of Director of Player personnel, he looked to Kyle O'Brien, currently the Jaguars' college scouting director.

Update 1/15/2015 10:30 am EDT
: Well, that was fast. The Lions have now hired Kyle O'Brien for the position of director of player personnel. This will make him Bob Quinn's right-hand man in Detroit.

Kyle O'Brien was formerly a scout for the New England Patriots, making the Bob Quinn connection strong. O'Brien spent ten years with the Patriots personnel department before taking a job as regional scouting director for the Kansas City Chiefs, and then the Jaguars in his current position, which he has held since 2013.

With Kyle O'Brien scouting college talent, the Jaguars have made some rather impressive selections in the past three drafts. On the offense they've acquired a bevy of talent including Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, Luke Joeckel, T.J. YeldonMarquis Lee and Denard Robinsion. Jacksonville has already seen marked improvement with such a young core at the helm. The Jaguars also drafted Dante Fowler at defensive end with their first round pick in 2015.